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Oceanvolt SD8.6 nominated for the Dame Award 2012

We are very happy and pleased to announce that our Oceanvolt SD 8.6 electric motor system has been nominated for the DAME Award 2012. “The DAME (Design Award METS) is the single most important international design competition for new marine equipment and accessories. It is the design accolade for entrepreneurs and innovators, and nominations set the pace…
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Oceanvolt – Winner of the Clean Design Award 2012

Oceanvolt has won the Clean Design Award 2012 at Lahti Cleantech Venture day. Oceanvolts CEO Janne Kjellman received the trophy at Lahti Cleantech Venture day held in April from the Chairman of the prize committee, director of UPM ProFin, Katri Parovuori. According to the judges Oceanvolt had best incorporated all of the three aspects of…
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Oceanvolt SD8.6 passes EMC tests

Oceanvolt SD8.6 electric propulsion system passes the final EMC tests which will ensure the electromagnetic compatibility with other electrical devices on board. Oceanvolt products are CE marked so the boat yards can install them in boats sold to European customers.
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SD8.6 electric sail drive deliveries started

The customer deliveries for Oceanvolt SD8.6 electric saildrive units have started. SD8.6 system is the result of over 2 years of product development and testing both on land and at sea. “We are very happy with the final product and it’s advanced features” — comments the Technical Director Richard Lax about the new system which…
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SD8.6 installed on a Maestro 40 sail yacht

The Maestro 40 sail yacht is a semi-light displacement cruising boat built on the Finnish west coast. The boat owner was seeking a propulsion system to drive the boat in and out of harbors and to be able to motor in windless situations. Oceanvolt SD8.6 saildrive system was a perfect match for the boat. The…
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