The Oceanvolt system is currently offered on the USA built J/88, and starting this fall (2017 model year), will also be offered on the J/95, J/97E, J/112E and J/122E.

Imagine sailing on a beautiful day knowing that, even if the wind dies and you're forced to turn on the motor, peace and tranquility are not lost. Every minute sailing, the battery pack is being charged, allowing you to later silently power back to the harbor. "There is no quicker way to break the magic and silence of a beautiful day for sailors than having to turn on the diesel engine," says Jeff Johnstone, President of J/Boats.

Oceanvolt electric motor systems are standard on more than 45 boat models, both monohull & multihull, represented by 30 different boat manufacturers worldwide. The systems are highly reliable, silent, maintenance free & create energy while sailing, even with folding propellers. The batteries of the propulsion system can be charged using the hydro generation feature on the motors, solar power, shore power or a small DC generator. The generation feature creates hardly any drag, only 0-0,5 knots depending on the speed.

The Oceanvolt refit attachment flange has been designed for easy installations to fit directly onto existing sail drive beds of Yanmar and Volvo motors, so it is possible to install it into your existing J/Boats model as well. In addition to sail drive motors (up to 45hp) Oceanvolt also offers shaft drive models that are compatible to motors up to 25hp. Because the systems are 48V they are safe and can be installed without any special certification. Contact salesusa@oceanvolt.com for more details about refitting.

Learn more about the J/88 Oceanvolt model on the J/Boats website and contact J/Boats to get more information about the different electric motor packages on the new J/Boats models.

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