“Sailing with El’ectra is pure fun. The boat has fantastic sailing performance already as such, but when the wind begins to die off and ends, the motor sailing starts and later turns into “solar motoring”. The range of the battery pack has never been an issue on El’ectra even if the 14kWh could be seen as relatively small for a 7,5t 38ft boat. The solar “panel” installation has been a great experience and experiment. Especially the solar foils in the main sail were pretty remarkable, but the solid vertical surfaces (mast and boom) are really efficient too, as the reflection from the water enhances the output as well. Putting the net solar yield on the propeller gives a nice daily range, without draining the batteries. The SD15 – the initial installation – was already really nice to run with, but the ServoProp really changed the game completely. I had the luxury of getting the bigger initial propeller, so the regeneration starts already at 3,3 knots!”

Swedish top design

The yachts of the Swedish boatbuilder Arcona Yachts are known for their high quality and great sailing features. The new Arcona 380Z offers these and tomorrows electric propulsion technology as standard.

Finnish cutting-edge-technology

The Finnish Oceanvolt represents the worlds absolute top in the design and manufacturing of electric motor systems. The motor of the Arcona 380Z, ServoProp 15, acts as a high efficiency hydro generator when sailing with just the push of a button. This means that it generates energy while you are sailing and stores it in the propulsion battery pack for later use.

Energy from the sun

Arcona 380Z utilizes the newest solar cell technology. The ultra-flexible photovoltaic Power Sail cells by UK Sails installed directly on the mainsail’s cloth, provide a capacity of 1kW. Sunbeam Systems has created solar cells that have been installed on the boom and mast of the Arcona 380Z. Combined, the solar cells on the mainsail, boom and mast create 2kW of solar power. On a calm day the Arcona 380Z can motor at a speed of 4 knots just by using the solar power created from the sun and the Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 electric motor.

No more pollution in the water

The hull of the Arcona 380Z has not been painted with poisonous paint. A new step towards polutionless boating has been taken. The Arcona 380Z utilizes Sonic Shield ultrasound technology to keep the hull clean from algae. Other impurities can be wiped of using a sponge.

All of your house comforts onboard

The huge battery capacity of the propulsion system is enough to power and charge all the electronics and appliances onboard. if using gas in the boat feels terrifying, now you can leave it completely out. An induction stove works efficiently and safely as a a part of the electric system of Arcona 380Z.

Why did you choose the Oceanvolt electric motor system?
"It is the only viable solution on the market."

How is the system performing?
"Like a dream."

What are the key benefits of the Oceanvolt electric motor system in practice?
"The immediate response to the throttle, you really get the force exactly when needed, and there is no more wondering if the motor starts this time or not."

How much do you sail?
"3 months of the year."

When do you typically use the system?
"In and out of harbor, solar sailing in low wind speeds thanks to the high level of solar power and obviously cruising when no wind at all."

Were you surprised by something with the system?
"The huge torque makes the motor feel a lot more powerful than expected."

Technology used in the Arcona 380 Z (Zero Emission):

  • Boatbuilder: Arcona Yachts
  • Installation year: 2015
  • Boat waterline length: 10.6 m
  • Boat beam: 3.8 m
  • Boat weight: 6850 kg
  • Electric motor system: Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 electric motor (Updated in 2018 from SD15 saildrive)
  • Electric motor system nominal power: 15kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 V
  • Electric motor system weight: 46.5 kg

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