The Feeling 32 is the first lifting keel sailboat with Oceanvolt AX shaft drive electric motor system. The owner of the Feeling 32 chose the Oceanvolt AX electric motor system because he wanted to get rid of diesel and the noise, smell, maintenance and dirt involved with the old diesel engine. The key benefits of the system he describes are: silent motoring, the regeneration feature, better weight balancing of the boat and a lot more energy available onboard. The customer was surprised at how easy it was to install the motor system.

"An Oceanvolt electric propulsion system was installed in our boat a few years ago, and it has been working perfectly ever since. We have to say we would never want to go back to diesel again! There are so many benefits to going electric: never again the nerve-wracking engine noise and unhealthy exhaust fumes, no bad smell and wiping of spilled diesel from the deck, easy maneuverability in tight places due to the instant on-off feature, no need for winterization or much other maintenance either, the possibility to conveniently - and unnoticeably - to motorsail in light winds, to name but a few. It truly is a magnificent feeling to leave a marina at dawn without waking up the fellow boaters, silently motoring out past a curious seal couple."

-   Owners of an electric Feeling 32 sailing in the Baltic Sea

Technical details of the electric Feeling 32:

  • Boat manufacturer: Privilege Marine
  • Country: Finland
  • Installation year: 2015
  • LOA: 9.95m
  • Beam: 3.42m
  • Weight: 4100 kg
  • Electric motor system: Oceanvolt AX8 shaft drive electric motor
  • Electric motor nominal power: 8 kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 volt
  • Electric motor system weight: 28 kg
  • Batteries: 11,2 kWh Valence lithium battery pack
  • Solar power: 400 W solar panels

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