The Le Breton Yachts SIG45 electric catamaran combines speed, innovation and grace, taking advantage of the performance, space and stability advantages of a modern performance multihull, but retaining the aesthetic elegance and ergonomics of a modern monohull.

The SIG45 is extraordinarily easy and enjoyable to sail fast. The ride is smooth, predictable and very comfortable. Modern rig and sail handling systems and extremely ergonomic working areas make sailing a pleasure for a small crew. The pilothouses and coamings provide protection to those on deck and frame a huge cockpit (more commonly found on yachts literally twice the size), which is perfect for sail handling, entertaining or just plain relaxing.

The accommodation is inviting and remarkably spacious, providing light, elegant and comfortable quarters for six, with unheard of privacy for a 45ft yacht.

Keeping weight out of the ends of a yacht, particularly one with such slender hulls as the SIG45, is critical to reducing pitching motion. This in turn increases comfort and performance. For this reason, the electric motors, generator and batteries of the SIG45 are located within one meter of the longitudinal centre of gravity, below the pilothouse sole. This also gives excellent access for maintenance. Similarly, the water and fuel tanks and the windlass and anchor chain are located in the main beam.

The boat is currently used for chartering the Greek Island. The company renting it fastsailing.gr is based in Lavrion. For more information about chartering the boat please visit their website: fastsailing.gr

For more information about the SIG45 visit Le Breton Yachts

Technical details of the Le Breton Yachts SIG45 electric catamaran:

  • Boat manufacturer: Le Breton Yachts
  • Country: Greece
  • LWL: 14 m
  • Beam: 8,4 m
  • Weight: 5500 kg
  • Electric motor system: 2 x Oceanvolt SD10
  • Electric motor nominal power: 2 x 10 kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 volt
  • Electric motor system weight: 93 kg
  • Batteries: Super-B 8kW lithium battery pack (4 x Super-B SB12V160E-ZC)


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