Oceanvolt to sponsor Damien Seguin

Oceanvolt to sponsor Damien Seguin

We are very pleased to inform that Oceanvolt has decided to sponsor Damien Seguin, a French olympic sailor, by installing one of the SD15  electric motors in his brand new Akilaria RC3 Class40 racing boat. For Oceanvolt it has been a very interesting project since it is the first ever Class40 boat with an electric motor.

To quote Damien: “The aim is to prove these systems work well and all partners helped us to make it happen on a racing yacht. It’s still an expensive system these days but batteries and engines prices will drop in the upcoming years thanks to the use of electricity in the car industry. I’ll sail away ‘quietly’ tonight and that’s going to be a strange feeling! I’ve been thinking about using en electrical system on my boat for a couple of years since I’ve had lots of issues with the thermal engine during my first Class 40 race. It’s no fun to use an engine for electricity – it’s smelly, noisy and hot! It’s a mass produced boat but it has been optimised whenever possible, from the beginning of the building process to the end. We’ve installed lifting rudders, an improvement in terms of safety and performance. It’s a dream came true. It feels good to see the boat on the water and it will be a weird feeing to leave the port in ‘silence’!”

We wish Damien good luck in his future races and peaceful sailing moments!

For more info visit www.damienseguin.com

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