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Cookie Policy: We use remarketing in our web advertising through Google AdWords Display ads and search ads in order to better target them to people who might find them interesting. With cookies, we strive to develop our services to your and our other customers’ satisfaction. The cookies are only ever used for advertising purposes. Google shows our remarketing Display-ads to visitors, when they browse other web pages. The search ads are shown to the visitors when they make Google searches.

The reach of ads can be expanded by customizing and adapting them for the people who visit the site. Remarketing is used as a feature of relevant advertising, that help combine interested people with the right message. Even if you exit the page without making a purchase, remarketing enables you to be reached even when you browse other web pages, and shows you tempting messages or offers that encourage you to return to the original page and make a purchase.

Should you wish to do so, you can disable Google cookies from Google’s Ads Settings. From the opt-out settings, you can disable the adapted Google ads across the Web, which disables the interest-based ads on Google Display networks. This will not entirely block ads, but the ads that you see are not targeted to your interests, age or gender.

You can also disable third party cookies through Network Advertising Initiative Consumer Opt-Out -pages. In your browser, you can also disable interest-based ads by using opt-out cookies to save your preferences. You can also use the “select all companies” -option to opt out of all the interest-based and user-based custom ads from all the companies on the list.

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