Zero Emission

    No environmental restrictions


    No exhaust


    No noise


    No smell

    48V System

    No high voltage risk


    Remote System


    State of the art
    Lithium Ion battery technology


    Safe installation
    and operation

    Instant power output for maneuverability

    Zero to full torque
    in an instant


    No waiting for
    engine rev to settle


    No pre-start
    warning beep


    Best quality
    components available

    Patented Technology

    Hydro power


    Superior thrust
    efficiency and
    energy capture


    Remote diagnostics


    Low maintenance

    System Solutions for a Range of Marine Activity


    Today's electric motor technology has already moved from

    the open road to the open ocean.

    Instant High Torque

    Electric motors are in constant ‘stand by’ mode; you can engage the control lever at any time for instant forward or reverse propulsion.

    Electric motors achieve instant torque with Electromotive Force while internal combustion engines need to build RPMs gradually by increasing piston firing frequency.

    Hydro Generation

    At sailing speeds over 6 knots Oceanvolt systems are able to generate significant power for recharging the battery bank by activating at the touch of a button.

    Power regeneration increases exponentially with each additional knot of speed.


    Lithium Ion batteries are superior to other battery storage technology; highest storage capacity, high effective current delivery, high charge capacity resiliency and wide temperature range performance.

    Oceanvolt highly skilled technical team ensures proper installation and system-optimization.  Only the highest quality Li-Ion batteries are used - to ensure performance and safety.


    For those interested in a hybrid solution, generators are a highly efficient way to extend range while at sea.

    DC generators have the advantage of rapid recharging capability.

    AC generators are, generally, smaller and even portable which means that the generator can be aboard only in situations where longer motoring might be required.


    Battery recharging is accomplished with shore connection, hydro generation (an integrated part of all Oceanvolt systems) and/or solar panels.

    In Hybrid solutions, a generator (either AC or DC) can be used to recharge batteries / extend motoring range.

    Integrated components

    It is essential that all system components are properly selected and installed.

    Our team of highly skilled technicians ensure that all components are compatible and that system management software is optimized.

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