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Please find frequently asked questions below. If you did not find the answer here please contact us via email support@oceanvolt.com or sales@oceanvolt.com


Charging your 12Vdc house battery from the 48 Vdc propulsion battery bank can be facilitated via an inverter. DC converters can be used only with AGM batteries, but not with Lithium-Ions.

No, electric engines have better performance, better efficiency (93%), less noise, no maintenance requirements and the ability to regenerate energy under sails. A DC hybrid has all these benefits and still even better range than with comparable diesels due to higher efficiency. A hybrid system brings the best out of both technologies.

The Oceanvolt display shows continuously the charge level in real time. Should you run low on batteries you can use the regeneration function while sailing. Some customers have chosen to carry on board a small portable generator set that runs on LPG (or gasoline), this can recharge the battery banks or it can be used as a temporary range extender. For bigger boats Oceanvolt offers the SEA® system which is a hybrid system as it has a fixed DC generator – this allows enjoying the benefits of the electric motor system without compromising the range.

Oceanvolt electric motors have tremendously more torque than any diesel. A 10 kW Oceanvolt motor easily outperforms and is more power ful than a 30 hp diesel. Please see this video:

Typically the boat max speed is somewhat lower (0,5 –1.0 knot) than with comparable diesel, but at the same time the boat will maintain the speed better at heavy seas and headwind due to better torque. Maneuverability is much better in marinas.

The service and maintenance of the Oceanvolt systems is completely different than what you have gotten used to with combustion engines. There is no need for an extensive service network carrying variety of spare parts, waiting for your parts to arrive and relying on the varying skill set of the local diesel mechanics. With Oceanvolt electric motor systems everything is electric thanks to the Oceanvolt RSI – Remote Service Interface system and all the system data is online, all the time since the entire RSI system is connected online via a central module (Victron CCGX). This connection allows remote diagnostics, control and service.

In case of a malfunction please proceed as follows:

1) Make sure the system is online using WIFI, GSM network (hotspot from the phone) or a satellite phone. The system automatically downloads the latest 2 days to the server upon connection.

2) Contact the Oceanvolt service either by phone or by email and describe your system and the problem.

3) The Oceanvolt service team will analyze the data within 48 hours from the contact and give you instructions by phone/email
The remote connection allows Oceanvolt to diagnose each of the system components, perform data analysis and do software updates. It is also possible to remotely start up parts of the system if needed – for this we would need your permission.

4) If a spare part is needed Oceanvolt will send the part by courier service. The delivery take 1-5 days almost anywhere in the world. Changing the part is relative easy as all the parts are plug & play – any boatyard electrician can do it for you or in most cases you will find it most convenient and fastest to do it yourself.

It is advisable to keep a service spare part kit on board especially on circumnavigation. The kit consists of spare cables, connectors, fuses, contactors, a spare BMS for the battery, display, control lever and a spare motor controller. These consist 99% of typical faults that the system can have and are all quite easy to replace.

Oceanvolt RSI replaces the outdated traditional service network that is needed for combustion engines.

Read more at Oceanvolt RSI

The batteries will last at least 10 years if they are handled properly. Warranty is 2 years, can be extended to 5 years.

Normally the weight of the battery pack is somewhere between 60kg to 160kg in a 30-45 ft sailing boat.

The battery packs are created normally for 4-10h of motoring at the speed of 4-6 knots = about 30-40 nautical miles.

The hydro generation creates drag only 0.1 of a knot at the speed of 7 knots. So it is barely noticeable.

It takes about 5 to 10 hours to charge the batteries to 100%, depending on the shore power source and size of the charger.

Compared to traditional diesel motors the Oceanvolt electric motors have no gears or components that can break or that need to be replaced or serviced every year so the maintenance costs are lower than that of comparable diesel motor systems.

The Oceanvolt systems typically cost about 20-25% more than similar diesel systems. The need for maintenance is lower so the system pays itself back in about 2-3 years. To get a more precise quote on what the system would cost in your boat, please go to oceanvolt.com/ask-for-a-quotation


The propeller has to be taken off before removing the anode. This is to make sure that the contact between the anode and sail drive is the best possible.

The torque of the electric motors is higher than that of a diesel motor and they both have the same size propeller.

For propulsion yes, but not for generating energy because the regeneration function cannot be stopped with a fixed blade propeller.


We recommend SuperB and Valence batteries with the Oceanvolt electric motor systems. AGM batteries and other Lithium ion batteries can also be used but with systems that have a motor 8 kW and less. Please select Oceanvolt communications package from the options for this purpose.

We recommend keeping the battery pack together as this way they can be better balanced which makes the batteries last longer.

The range of the system with a generator and 300l of diesel is around 600-700 miles.

Yes, you can the hydro generation feature is standard in all Oceanvolt electric motor systems.

Both of them include the propulsion system together with the display, throttle lever, batteries & chargers. The Oceanvolt SEA® is a complete electric propulsion and energy management system that also includes solar panels, generators and the Oceanvolt RSI (Remote Service Interface)

Yes you can. Here are three refit installation examples of an Oceanvolt electric motor system.

The batteries can be charged by sailing, a generator, solar power or shore power.


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