Electric Motor System
for monohulls & multihulls

Perfect option for monohulls and multihulls between 20-60 ft.

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The SEA in Oceanvolt SEA® stands for Silent Electric Autonomy. Oceanvolt SEA® is a complete electric motor system for monohulls and multihulls between 20-60 ft. It is a complete system with everything you need to become energy autonomous. Oceanvolt SEA® creates energy while sailing, average 2 kW @ 8-17 knots, so you can enjoy the picture-perfect silent sailing experience by day and a good night sleep by night.


Take a 3D tour of the Oceanvolt SEA system by downloading the app:

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Benefits of the Oceanvolt SEA® system


Energy from Sailing

Powerful regenerating motor creates up to 4000w with a speed of 17 knots.


Silent & Lightweight

System can be installed to weight-optimize the boat. On top, patented flexible mounting system reduces vibrations to the hull.



No Maintenance Costs

Compared to traditional diesel motors the Oceanvolt electric motors have no gears or components that can break or that need to be replaced or serviced every year.


Select the system that suits you best

The Oceanvolt electric motor system consists of a powerful regenerating motor, easy-to-use throttle lever, display, propulsion battery pack, charger and motor controller. We have an option for both shaft drive and saildrive systems:

These boatbuilders have chosen Oceanvolt as standard in their boats


We have installed our system in several boats of different kind. Please see the cases below:

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