The service and maintenance of the Oceanvolt systems is completely different than what you have gotten used to with diesel combustion engines. There is no need for an extensive service network carrying variety of spare parts, waiting for your parts to arrive and relying on the varying skill set of the local diesel mechanics. With Oceanvolt electric motor systems everything is electric and, thanks to the Oceanvolt RSI – Remote Service Interface system, all the system data is online.  Since the entire RSI system is connected online at all times via a central module (Victron CCGX), remote diagnostics are continuously monitored; if there is a need to control or service a component, you will be notified.

In case of a malfunction please proceed as follows:

1) Make sure the system is online using WIFI, GSM network (hotspot from the phone) or a satellite phone. The system automatically uploads the latest 2 days of operating data to the Oceanvolt server upon connection.

2) Contact the Oceanvolt service office (24/7?) either by phone or by email and describe your system and the problem.

3) The Oceanvolt service team will analyze the data within 48 hours from the contact and give you instructions by phone/email

The remote connection allows Oceanvolt to diagnose each of the system components, perform data analysis and provide software updates (if needed). It is also possible to remotely start up parts of the system if needed – for this we would need your permission.

4) If a spare part is needed Oceanvolt will send the part by express courier service. The delivery take 1-5 days almost anywhere in the world. Changing the part is relatively easy as all the parts are plug & play – any boatyard electrician can do it for you or in most cases you will find it most convenient and fastest to do it yourself.

It is advisable to keep a service spare part kit on board especially when cruising long distances. The kit consists of spare cables, connectors, fuses, contactors, a spare BMS for the battery, display, control lever and a spare motor controller. These consist 99% of typical faults that the system can have and are all quite easy to replace.

Oceanvolt RSI replaces the outdated traditional service network that is needed for combustion engines.

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