SD motor

The hydro generation or “creating energy while sailing” function is an automatic feature in all Oceanvolt motors. 

This feature is activated by pushing the button on the Oceanvolt displays for 5 seconds. The display will automatically switch to regeneration mode showing the current generated power, RPM and time until the batteries are fully charged. 

With a folding propeller the motor kicks the blades out and centrifugal force combined with the motor controller keep the blades open. The motor controllers tune the system actively at 10 Hz which prevents the blades from closing (too much braking would close the propellers). This is continuous monitoring, the system will adjust the propeller RPM depending on the boat speed. 

The system shuts itself down when the battery is fully charged or if boat speed is too low for efficient hydro generation.

Videos of hydro generation

power created by hydro generation


Oceanvolt systems are optimized for either 2 or 3 blade Flexofold folding propellers & Gori Propellers.  Other folding propellers can also be used but they provide 30-50% less propulsion and regeneration power. 

The highest regeneration power is gained with fixed blade & adjustable pitch propellers and also with dedicated systems for hydro generator use, because they allow using a higher pitch/dimension propeller.

The regeneration feature is extremely suitable for catamarans because twin motors means double the energy generation.  Catamarans are also faster, which means that regeneration power capture is higher.  If the Oceanvolt motor is used only for hydro generation and not for propulsion, the power boost gained from using a higher pitch propeller dedicated for regeneration is about 20-30%.