Propulsion Systems for Motorboats

Silent electric Oceanvolt motors close the gap between sailboat and motorboat. Enjoy your day out on the water without the noise and smell of combustion engines.  Have a chat with your friends while under way without yelling over the noise of the engine!  

Feel free to visit marine nature parks and other protected areas when you know you are not leaving a trail of oily smudge behind you.  No longer will your hands smell of petrol after a visit to the filling station.  Your conscience will be clear knowing that your enjoyment on the water is not at the expense of the water, environment or planet.



Owner testimonials

    "For our boats we only choose components of Italian craftsmanship (100% made in Italy); yet for our entry into the world of electric with ELEKTRA, we could only make one...
  • Navalia 650 Sloop
    "I needed a boat to take my family on short day trips in the lake area of Finland. A dutch sloop provides enough space and a strong hull also for...
    "If one has money to buy a new boat of this size, one should have the decency to leave internal combustion engines out of the game, because the world is...