Remote service


Remote Service Interface (RSITM) enables Oceanvolt to monitor all connected Oceanvolt systems in real-time.

A key part of Oceanvolt is the remote system monitoring and management known as RSI. Each Oceanvolt system can be connected to the internet and monitored in real-time.  The technology is not limited to monitoring; Oceanvolt engineers are able to solve at least 90% of potential faults remotely.  This is because all components are connected via an industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, enabling devices to talk to each other and to Oceanvolt HQ securely via the internet.

Several of Oceanvolt's current customers who run charter businesses view RSI technology as a key competitive advantage; interruptions to business due to propulsion related issues with the Oceanvolt system are significantly lower and most can be resolved much faster than in a traditional diesel scenario where a technology such as RSI is not possible.



Oceanvolt RSITM is a state of the art remote diagnostic and service interface that lets you see your boat's status from anywhere via a mobile phone or browser.  Track all of the data related to your motor, batteries, solar panels and chargers online in real-time.

Live diagnostics & service

Oceanvolt can - with your permission - remotely solve issues in your system, regardless of your location, so you can minimize 'down time' in the case of a fault.

Manage power consumption & power regeneration

Via the remote interface, you can see overall power consumption or the regeneration of the battery banks from shore power, generator or solar panels.

GPS tracking

With the GPS module, the location of the boat can be seen in real-time, plotted on an online map; this make it possible to use geo-fencing to protect your boat.


Oceanvolt system

Successful registration of the Color Control GX allows users to log into the Oceanvolt RSI site and monitor system parameters in real-time.

Color Control GX

The Color Control GX (CCGX) provides intuitive control and monitoring for all products connected to it. Besides monitoring and controlling products on the CCGX, the information is also forwarded to the Oceanvolt remote monitoring website.

Internet Connection

The CCGX can be connected to internet with an Ethernet cable and via Wi-Fi. To connect via Wi-Fi, a Wi-Fi USB accessory is required.


PW:  OceanvoltRSI