Crowdfunding 2022

Crowdfunding 2022

We are experiencing a strong demand for our solutions – new orders show a 60% growth compared to last year. To support this growth and the launch of our new product line early 2023, we will need additional working capital. This is why we have started a crowdfunding round this morning (1.12.2022)!

To get all financial data and to invest in Oceanvolt, please create an account on Invesdor's site and log in.

If you are located in the US then the service provider Invesdor can't serve you directly. However, it is possible to make the investment directly with us using an affirmation document. Please contact for more information!

Please feel free to share this link with your network of contacts via email or on social media!

Join us in the quest for sustainable boating. Invest in Finnish Cleantech. Invest in Oceanvolt now!

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