Value of electric propulsion for sailboats: Enhanced user experience

Value of electric propulsion for sailboats: Enhanced user experience

From a design standpoint electric propulsion is more in-line with a sailboat’s form functions, enhancing both the sailing and motoring experience. Quicker access to power, concise control and comfort all lead to higher user enjoyment, more frequent use of the vessel and ultimately market growth for sailing as a whole.

The helm’s ability to start and stop the vessel is much smoother and easier with electric motors’ constant torque. Switching direction without a gearbox or its associated lag, the constant high torque and fine-tuned control lever all contribute to making vessel navigation in tight places and docking far easier. Also, because the system doesn’t need to idle or be ‘started’ propulsion is much easier to access when needed and can be used strategically to make day-sailing and cruising much easier and more enjoyable.

With greatly improved handling performance, the switch  to electric propulsion is justified as a value proposition. If a vessel is easier to handle, stress goes down and enjoyment goes up. Something as simple as docking anxiety can ruin an experience and turn off users from sailing. A vessel that is smooth, powerful and reliable will be more attractive to be used and enjoyed, ultimately more than justifying the initial cost.

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