The Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25

The patented 48 V Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 (HPSP 25) featuring a controllable pitch propeller combines a high-efficiency saildrive with the most powerful hydrogenerator on the market. One of the unique features of the HighPower ServoProp is the capability of the propeller blades to rotate 360 degrees, allowing for ultimate efficiency in both propulsion and electricity generation. 

Entirely designed and manufactured by Oceanvolt in Finland, this groundbreaking technology redefines the possibilities of sustainable yachting as the powerful hydrogeneration feature is capable of making the yacht energy self-sufficient. Its predecessor, the Oceanvolt ServoProp has been adopted by hundreds of high profile yachts around the world. 

With its controllable pitch propeller, bespoke blade design and high-efficiency drive, the HighPower ServoProp eliminates the common compromises in traditional folding prop setups, creating a far superior solution for efficient propulsion and power generation. With the instant power and impressive, nearly 5000 newton static thrust in both forward and reverse, it makes for excellent control of the boat even in harsh conditions. 

Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 system.

The HPSP can also be installed with the propeller facing forwards or backwards. Mounting a saildrive leg with the propeller facing forwards increases the efficiency of both hydrogeneration, and also propulsion. Traditionally, saildrives are mounted with the propeller facing backwards, to allow for folding propellers and interior space management with large diesel engines. This however reduces the efficiency of the system.

For Oceanvolt, safety is a priority, which is why all Oceanvolt systems are limited to 48 volts.  Furthermore, our experienced team offers complete system integration to ensure the installation is not only safe, but compatible with other components of the yacht's energy network.

The design of the propulsion unit is compact and highly integrated as the motor controller, propeller blade control, and complete liquid cooling system are built into the unit. In addition to being smaller and lighter than a comparable combustion system, there is no need for additional seawater inlets or outlets, reducing overall risk, drag and failure points. Another advantage comes from not needing any exhaust system or fuel system, so with only a few cables to connect, planning and installing the system is straightforward and simple. 

Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp dimensions compared to an equivalent diesel motor.


Main features:

  • Market leading hydrogeneration, 100-200% more compared to a ServoProp 15
    • 5kW at 10 knots
  • Easy to service, without having to lift the boat out of the water
  • The drive can be installed with the propeller facing backwards or forwards, with no penalty to interior space.
  • Forward facing propeller is recommended for most efficient hydrogeneration and propulsion. 
  • Significant weight and space saving
  • Integrated rope cutter
  • Integrated liquid cooling system
  • Included flexible mounting

The HPSP is suitable as a propulsion motor for boats up to 70 ft in length and weighing up to 25 tons. It can also be used as a hydrogenerator in substantially larger vessels. The first vessel to feature the HPSP (HighPower ServoProp) will be the X-Yachts Xc 47 launching in 2024.

X Yachts Xc 47 (launching in 2024).


The hydrogeneration or “creating energy while sailing” function is a standard, built-in feature in all Oceanvolt motors, and Oceanvolt motors boast the most superior hydrogeneration capability on the market.

This feature is activated from the Oceanvolt display. The system will switch to regeneration mode, displaying the generated power, RPM and time remaining until the batteries are fully charged. 

The HighPower ServoProp is capable of generating:

  • 1 kW at 6 knots
  • 3 kW at 8 knots
  • 5 kW at 10 knots

Future remote software updates are expected to increase the yield and efficiency of the regen.


Hydrogeneration of the HighPower ServoProp 25 compared to ServoProp 15 and SD15.


Technical specifications – HighPower ServoProp 25

Peak power (15 min) 30 kW
Nominal power 25 kW
Propeller diameter 23 inches
Equivalent HP 75 HP
Weight (incl. motor, saildrive and propeller) 190 kg
Unit dimensions (incl. motor and saildrive) H: 1101 mm
W: 400 mm
D: 853 mm
Boat length up to 21 m (70 ft)
Boat weight up to 25 000 kg (27.5 US Tons)
Cooling Liquid


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