New Arcona 415 – The first yacht with Zero Emissions propulsion as standard

New Arcona 415 – The first yacht with Zero Emissions propulsion as standard

Arcona Yachts press release

Gustavsberg, Sweden 18.8.2021 - Arcona Yachts is delighted to announce the launch of the new Arcona 415, the first series produced sailing yacht with electric propulsion as standard.

Electric propulsion is already available across all of the Arcona fleet as an upgrade option and Arcona Yachts are proud to have the largest fleet of electric ‘zero emissions’ yachts on the water, the first being the Arcona 380Z launched in 2015.

Urban Lagnéus, Arcona Yachts CEO says, “Electric is here to stay. Our performance cruisers will always sail beautifully but in light winds, when you need to use the engine, electric propulsion is the way forward. The sleek and light hull design works extraordinarily well with electric propulsion. The ability to spend your leisure time at sea without emissions, and yet gain advantages in comfort and performance, opens up a new world of opportunities for our normal usage”.

“The needs of our customers are changing, and we wanted to evolve the design of the Arcona 415 to respond to this. Customers often ask us for a yacht that has the space to sail with friends or grown-up family members, so the option of a three or two cabin version with an additional en suite in the owners’ cabin is increasingly requested.”

The Arcona 415, with her beautiful lines, modern hull shape, open transom, more accessible stowage space and increased light, continues the tradition of Arcona 410 as a quality performance cruiser built with superb attention to detail, as always. In terms of power, a 15kW electric motor is the equivalent of a 50hp diesel engine on our 40-43ft yachts.

For the propulsion system we are proud to work with Oceanvolt, who represent the world's absolute top companies when it comes to design and manufacturing of electric motor systems. The lightweight system uses hydro regeneration via the propeller to regenerate power whilst sailing, storing it in the propulsion battery pack for later use. Regeneration depends on sailing speed, however our customers have seen the hydro regeneration commence when the yacht is sailing at a speed as low as 3.3knots.”

The benefits of electric propulsion are numerous; not having an exhaust and the elimination therefore of emissions, the ongoing cost saving vs. fuelling up with diesel, the minimised operating noise and vibrations, the increased space for living, the complete power management, the ease of use and maintenance, and having an overall lighter weight thus increased performance.

Urban Lagnéus continues, “We can all do our bit to combat climate change, and to be the first yacht builders with zero emission propulsion as a standard is an important step towards further enjoyment of sailing the Arcona way. The new features on the Arcona 415, and the electric propulsion as a standard have been introduced to ensure that the Arcona 415 remains at the forefront of modern performance cruisers on the market today.”

For further details on the Arcona 415, please contact, visit or call +46 8 519 410 40.

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