OceansLab announces Oceanvolt as Off­­icial Cleantech Partner

OceansLab announces Oceanvolt as Off­­icial Cleantech Partner

PRESS RELEASE: 12h20 CET 06.06.2023

OceansLab announce first Off­­icial Cleantech Partners 

  • Maxeon Solar Technologies, Genevos, and Oceanvolt join OceansLab as Official Cleantech Partners
  • Unique opportunity to become a lead partner for OceansLab with a mission to accelerate the uptake of high performance clean innovations through the world’s most extreme ocean races


OceansLab IMOCA hydrogen-electric energy system

Today (06.06.23), OceansLab is pleased to confirm the support of clean energy enablers Genevos, Oceanvolt and Maxeon Solar Technologies as partners in its campaign as the world’s first hydrogen-electric race yacht.

Official Hydrogen Partner: Genevos

Genevos, a cleantech spin-off to OceansLab, will provide a turnkey hydrogen power solution, supplying both a 15 kW marine fuel cell, an ‘HPM-15’, in addition to gas engineering services. Genevos will define the strategy for power management and energy efficiency optimisation, and manage the hydrogen integration engineering in line with stringent marine safety standards.

Official Solar Partner: Maxeon Solar Technologies

Global leader in solar innovation, Maxeon will be the Official Solar Supplier to OceansLab, who will benefit from one of the most advanced solar cells today at 24.8 % efficiency. The same technology that is powering the world-renowned SunPower branded solar panels, manufactured by Maxeon. Maxeon's flagship Interdigitated Back Contact (IBC) cells will be encapsulated into a protective film to ensure resistance against water and impact. Over 1,000 solar cells will be installed onto the deck of the IMOCA covering 16 m2, capable of creating a total power output of more than 3.6kW, energy used to charge the batteries.

"We are pleased to be involved in such an ambitious project. Sailing the oceans requires an unprecedented level of performance and durability, making our unique solar cell technology the sole and best choice for OceansLab," said Bill Mulligan, Maxeon’s CEO. "The boat features the same high-efficiency, high-reliability cells as those found in our record efficiency solar panels powering homes, businesses and utility-scale power plants on land, worldwide – a true testament to our innovation as a global solar leader."

Official Propulsion Supplier: Oceanvolt

With a proven track record, Oceanvolt, pioneer and market leader in electric propulsion systems is excited to collaborate with OceansLab in this campaign. The partnership provides an excellent opportunity to combine both Oceanvolt's expertise in electric power and propulsion systems for boats with the endurance and sustainability of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

“This collaboration will provide valuable insight and data that will assist in the further development of Oceanvolt's unique electric propulsion systems compatibility with hydrogen fuel cell technology. The ultimate goal is to bring increasingly sustainable and reliable solutions to the market specifically designed for racing purposes. This is not just great news for Oceanvolt and OceansLab, but for the whole yachting community as well.” said Tommi Lassila, CEO of Oceanvolt,

Unique opportunity to partner with OceansLab

“We are delighted to welcome such forward-thinking progressive organisations to the OceansLab family.  It is only by collaborating with clean technology enablers that the maritime sector will be able to make this urgent shift to clean energy a reality,” comments Sharp.

“The OceansLab programme allows us to showcase the performance and durability of this technology in the toughest environment on earth.  With the IPCC {Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) targets for shipping emissions required to be reduced to zero by 2050, and the requirement for most vessels built from 2030 to be zero emissions, this campaign will be an important demonstration of how we can meet this target,” he concludes.

OceansLab is continuing its drive to align with like-minded organisations that not only share a spirit of adventure but are also working towards delivering a zero emissions infrastructure that will highlight the importance of clean technologies, both in the marine and wider environments.

The OceansLab IMOCA is currently under construction and will be launched later this year, ahead of the first transatlantic ocean race, the Transat Jacques Vabre starting in October.

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Editor’s notes

OceansLab – Cleantech Accelerator, www.oceanslab.world

Advancing clean technologies for the ocean environment.

A unique ocean racing campaign innovating and demonstrating clean technologies for the maritime sector. Key technologies include a plug-and-play Hydrogen Power Module (HPM-15 kW), solar PV, and cradle-to-cradle composites.

The OceansLab race boat will compete in the IMOCA Globe Series exclusively with zero fossil fuels aboard, emitting only water as a hydrogen fuel cell by-product. Key events include transatlantic races, the Transat Jacques Vabre, and the Route du Rhum, and around-the-world races the Vendée Globe, and The Ocean Race.

Skippered by Phil Sharp, inventor of the HPM, and a specialist in recyclable composites. To date Phil has achieved over 25 podiums in transatlantic and coastal racing, taking victory in two Championships and breaking three World Sailing Speed Records. Now Phil’s mission is clear: to race around the globe non-stop in the world’s first hydrogen IMOCA yacht.

For further information and high-resolution images, please contact:

News desk email: media@oceanslab.world


To speak to the media team:

International +44 7836 327 362 - Victoria Low

French: +44 7980 194 743 – Serena Williams


Genevos, www.genevos.com

Zero emission plug & play hydrogen power modules for vessels.

Genevos specialises in marine hydrogen fuel cell integration offering scalable solutions from 15 kW to multi-MW scale. The Hydrogen Power Modules (HPMs) are engineered specifically for vessels with key features of modularity, redundancy, marine certification, low weight, low volume, and enable zero emissions when fuelled by green hydrogen.

Genevos goes further to support the energy transition for clients through the provision of engineering services including sizing studies, optimisation to TCO or weight, power management, and gas vessel engineering design.

The HPM award-winning solution has been officially recognised as a clean and profitable solution with a positive impact on environment and quality of life, achieving the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label, the Monaco Prize for Innovation in Renewable Hydrogen and Transportation, the 2022 Electric & Hybrid Propulsion System of the Year Award, and the Sud-Ouest Region Nouvelle-Aquitaine Maritime Innovation Trophy.

News desk email: media@genevos.com

To speak to the media team:

International/French +33 7 83 55 47 14


Maxeon Solar Technologies

Maxeon Solar Technologies (NASDAQ:MAXN) is Powering Positive Change™. Headquartered in Singapore, Maxeon designs and manufactures Maxeon® and SunPower® brand solar panels, and has sales operations in more than 100 countries, operating under the SunPower brand in certain countries outside the United States. The company is a leader in solar innovation with access to over 1,000 patents and two best-in-class solar panel product lines. Maxeon products span the global rooftop and solar power plant markets through a network of more than 1,700 trusted partners and distributors. A pioneer in sustainable solar manufacturing, Maxeon leverages a +35-year history in the solar industry and numerous awards for its technology. For more information about how Maxeon is Powering Positive Change™ visit us at www.maxeon.com, on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

Media Contact: Anna Porta, Anna.Porta@maxeon.com, Mobile: +39 345 7706205



Clean electric power & propulsion systems

Founded in 2004, Oceanvolt is a pioneering manufacturer of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers state-of-the-art electric motors that combine sustainability, safety and reliability.

Oceanvolt’s 48V electric propulsion systems are suitable for use in sailboats, motorboats, harbour ferries and other small and medium-sized commercial boats. With built-in software, Oceanvolt systems can be monitored and serviced in real time via the Internet.

For more information about Oceanvolt visit www.oceanvolt.com, or follow us on social media.

Media enquiries:

Anna Hietanen, anna.hietanen@oceanvolt.com

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