Oceanvolt, a pioneer in hybrid & electric powered sailing boats needed a charger to convert 48VDC to 12 VDC.

Powernet modified a standard DDC4370 unit to comply with the application specific needs and environmental conditions. Oceanvolt’s system is based on a 48V battery bank, but in sailing boats also a 12V or 24V voltage is needed to supply power to instruments for navigation, communication systems, lights etc.

Representatives for Oceanvolt and Powernet first met and started discussing a solution at the Vene- Båt exhibition in Helsinki. Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy comments “We are both glad and proud to be able to help and co-operate with Oceanvolt in such an exciting, modern and ecological application as electric and hybrid powered sailboats. We are looking forward to a long term, mutually successful co-operation out on the seven seas!”

The DCDC4370-based unit modified for Oceanvolt features a pre-programmed starting delay as well as a custom-made charging algorithm. To protect the unit from tough environmental conditions out on the seas, the PCB has been coated with a protective coating material.

“Powernet has proven to be a flexible and committed partner. After we agreed on the initial idea a prototype was delivered for testing and we could lock the specification for the final product in a pragmatic way. We were just able to implement the first chargers in time for the Vendee Globe 2016/2017 and the first units have already successfully travelled around the globe in extreme conditions.” says Anna Hietanen, Marketing Manager at Oceanvolt.

Download full press release here: Oceanvolt_Powernet_press_release_10022017

Further information:

Harry Lilja, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Powernet Oy,  e-mail:, tel.: +358 10 2890 703

Powernet Oy, Established in 1992, Powernet Oy is a Finnish company specialised in the design and manufacturing of power supplies, chargers and inverters. Its key customers are found in applications for transportation and demanding industrial needs. The company’s strengths include an Intelligent Charger Technology Platform and Robust Standard and Customer-Specific Power Supply Solutions. Powernet’s strategy is to be the best power supply partner on the European market for selected key accounts. With a turnover around 10M€ our team of 26 professionals is situated in Vantaa, Finland and Nuernberg, Germany.

Anna Hietanen, Marketing Manager, Oceanvolt, e-mail:, tel.: +358 10 325 5289

Oceanvolt, Founded in 2004 Oceanvolt is the leading manufacturer of hybrid electric power & propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt’s serial produced motor systems have been installed on over 200 customer boats ranging from daysailers to 80 ft catamarans worldwide. The systems are not only suitable for cruising and sailing on lakes but also for circumnavigating the globe in tough conditions. A key part of Oceanvolt’s service to clients is 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management, known as Oceanvolt Remote Service Interface (RSI). Each Oceanvolt motor can be connected to the Internet and monitored in real-time. The technology is not limited to only monitoring; Oceanvolt engineers are able to solve some 90% of faults remotely. This is because all components are connected via an industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, enabling devices to talk to each other and to Oceanvolt HQ securely via the Internet.

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