Meet the UK consultancy agency Sail Electric

Meet the UK consultancy agency Sail Electric

"There is no better unison than a specialist expedition yacht modernisation service and the world leaders in electric propulsion and regeneration for sailing yachts. Oceanvolt have been instrumental to our growth as we together lead refit and conversions for our clients to set off around the world with the least environmental impact.

Rigorous checks at the design stage and with superb quality control and aftermarket support ensures we, and our clients can confidently sail with less worry about maintenance and with improved knowledge and safety. With industry leading regeneration under sail coupled with solar and advanced user interfaces, our clients are empowered knowing they sail with significantly less impact and are part of the sail electric family." – Sail Electric

Our new refit partner for the UK, Sail Electric, provides leisure and commercial owners and operators with a bespoke vessel modernisation, turnkey marine engineering and electrical services.

From full refits, to small upgrades, with expedition sailing vessels as their specialty. As a complete yacht modernisation service they can undertake all aspects of work required. You can call Sail Electric for propulsion, hybridisation, electrical, batteries, solar, navigation, electric cooking, watermakers and range extension. They also provide design, installation, commissioning and training.

 "I’ve been working with the Oceanvolt team now for over a year, being a part of such a dedicated team working for the electric revolution is inspired. The knowledge and experience shows, and with any and all vessels considered, the next boat and next challenge becomes easier and easier to complete as the world looks at Oceanvolt and their partners as the go to for sustainable sailing. I look forward to the coming years, and what we can achieve together." – Wayne Peters, UK agent for Oceanvolt

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