After 14 days 6 hours and 55 minutes of racing, 100% Natural Energy has arrived in Vendée taking the 12th place. The oldest boat in the fleet and having left 24 hours after everyone else, Conrad still arrived ahead of one new generation boat (2015 vs 2005!)

One happy and confident skipper!

"I still can't believe that I have finished two solo transatlantic crossings in a little over a month! The fact that I was able to maintain such a driven schedule with a fast turn around in the USA with very few technical problems either way is a testament to the hard work and long hours over winter and the quality of our technical partner's products.

The zero emission campaign is a success as I have now crossed the Atlantic without burning fossil fuels using only the Oceanvolt motor to charge the batteries and I look forward to getting the Powersail solar panels online soon.

When I sailed down the famous Les Sables channel after winning my first race around the world I swore that I would be back for the Vendee Globe one day, now the route is clear ahead and I can't wait for November!"

The race in figures

Fastest speed: 25.5kts
Longest day 386 miles (including 2 hours going slow due to climbing the mast after a sail broke)
10: times Stan was sea sick
35: Pom potes eaten by stan in his bunk
6: jellyfish washed on board.
55 GB of photos and video taken by Stan the media man

Qualified for the Vendée Globe Race!

Conrad set sail with a small crew on May 7th to head to the Azores completing the 1200 miles journey in 6 days. After a 30 hours pit-stop in Horta, he set sail for Newport on his own to complete his 1500 miles qualifier required by the race organizers. The route was actually just under 2000 miles and he arrived 12 days later, exhausted but happy as he has now completed all required nautical requirements!

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