Oceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy

Oceanvolt teams up with Victron Energy

Oceanvolt enters a two-way relationship with Victron Energy. The two companies will integrate their products to work as a unified system, which will form the base of Oceanvolts SEA® (Silent Electric Autonomy) concept. Oceanvolt SEA® system enables among other things running your A/C and other appliances without using your generator by converting the electricity from the propulsion system battery into 220VAC.

Oceanvolt will offer it’s customers systems which use Victron Energy’s charger/inverters, solar charger controllers and other electric components together with it’s propulsion system. Oceanvolts electric propulsion systems have already been installed in over 50 customer boats.

Both parties of the agreement seem pleased. “Victron Energy’s products perfectly compliments our propulsion system and together they offer our customers the comforts of home while at sea,” says CEO of Oceanvolt, Timo Jaakkola.

“The Oceanvolt system impressed us. It is a mature and finished system. With this partnership our customers can offer an electric propulsion system which works as a part of a boats existing electrical network”, says Victron Energy’s Managing Director, Matthijs Vader

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