AX Shaft Drives

OCEANVOLT AX shaft drive motors


Oceanvolt offers a range of Shaft Drive motor systems to provide propulsion and hydro generation for vessels that require mid-ship motor placement.

Oceanvolt Shaft Drive systems offer a silent, vibration-free propulsion solution that is easy to install, requires minimal cabling and is maintenance free.

ax Shaft drive (discontinued may 2024)

  • Synchronous permanent magnet electric motor
  • Shaft drive with 2.46:1 reduction
  • Lightweight:  weighs as little as 28kg
  • The only complete electric inboard propulsion system with EMC certification
  • Dual function:  propulsion & hydro generation (while under sail)
  • Air cooled

system installation layout (example)

  • Motor
  • Peak Power
  • Nominal Power
  • RPM
  • Reduction Ratio
  • Motor weight
  • Voltage
  • AX5 (Discontinued May 2024)
  • 8,3kW
  • 5,2kW
  • 2400
  • 2.46:1
  • 28kg
  • 48V