Silent Electric Autonomy

Save up to 57% on your operations costs
by lower energy and maintenance costs
while sailing silently.

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Create your own energy

Oceanvolt SEA® is a complete electric motor system offering Silent Electric Autonomy for catamarans and sailboats between 20-60 ft. The award-winning SEA® system uses efficient electric motors for propulsion and generates energy and recharges batteries with  a simple push of a button. The faster you sail, the more energy you produce.

SEA® can help you to save up to 57% on your operating costs by lowering energy and maintenance costs while your charter customers are enjoying a picture-perfect silent sail experience. Make a great investment with a fast payback time and 5 years warranty.

Benefits of the Oceanvolt SEA® electric motor system

charter create energy by sailing hydrogenerator

Energy from Sailing

Oceanvolt SEA® generates up to 4000W. This will recharge your batteries. Complemented with solar power and shore power, there is almost no need for using generator while sailing.

charter rsi system

Less days out of business

Oceanvolt SEA® is complemented with Remote Service Interface for online troubleshooting and service.

no maintenance boat charter

No maintenance cost

Compared to traditional diesel motors the Oceanvolt electric motors have no gears or components that can break or that need to be replaced every year.

System Components


Solar Panels


Throttle & Display


Batteries & Chargers


Electric Motors




Take a 3D tour of the Oceanvolt SEA system by downloading the app:

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We have installed our system in several boats of different kind. Please see the cases below:


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