Propulsion Systems for Multihull

Experience the pleasure of extended anchoring or overnighting without running a generator! The large propulsion battery bank (compared to standard house battery banks) enables much longer silent intervals; you can run all creature comforts (air conditioning, heating, refrigerator/freezer etc...) without the need to run a generator all night.

The Oceanvolt platform is designed and installed to become the complete power solution for the entire boat - including the 12V (or 24V) service power system as well as all other appliances/other comfort equipment (110/220V outlets). Range and recharging are achieved either through hydro generation or through a DC generator which can enable constant long-range cruising or bringing batteries up to a full charge in less than 2 hours.

Hydro generation is particularly suitable for catamarans as twin (or quad) motors means double (or quadruple) the energy. Catamarans also cruise more easily at faster speeds which means that regeneration capabilities are significantly higher (hydro generation capability increases significantly at speeds over 6kn).

Oceanvolt also offers repowering solutions for conversion of existing diesel engines – removing the diesel engine, fuel tanks and exhaust system - cleaning up greasy engine compartments and freeing up both weight and space below deck.

All Oceanvolt systems are engineered to operate at 48 volts for passenger safety and ease of repair. Oceanvolt systems are extremely low maintenance and do not require winterization (no annual engine maintenance costs).

Oceanvolt offers Hybrid or Electric systems in partnership with a wide range of multihull designers and boat builders. Multihull configurations are typically either twin systems or, in the case of larger cats, quad systems.

system & price examples

Twin system configuration

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