Leopard 40 “Microactivist”

Leopard 40 “Microactivist”

We spend a lot of time on the water documenting and researching marine wildlife, with a particular eye toward inspiring young people to become passionate activists for the ocean. Our near-silent Oceanvolt motors allow us to film ocean critters without disturbing them and have been invaluable on our expeditions. – Owner of the Leopard 40 "Microactivist"

The MicroActivist Foundation is a certified non-profit dedicated to connecting youth with the world's oceans, creating the next generation of ocean warriors. Healthy marine ecosystems are critical for human survival, and today's youth will become tomorrow's advocates for change. They coordinate hands-on activities that connect kids with the ocean and all its creatures, create innovative education courses, and bring awareness to issues, marine wildlife, and places that are in need.

The Microactivist Foundation's commitment to connecting youth with the world's oceans is showcased through their hybrid electric Leopard 40. Designed to serve as a sustainable platform for both filming and teaching on open waters, this hybrid sailboat embodies their dedication to marine education.

To support the Microactivist Foundation go to: https://www.microactivist.org/donate


Technology used in Leopard 40 "Microactivist"

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