Leopard 40 – Ramblin’ Rose

Leopard 40 – Ramblin’ Rose

"Earlier this year, San Diego’s Sunwater Marine completed its dual-ServoProp installation for the Leopard 40 catamaran, Ramblin' Rose. We’re turning heads as we quietly cruise the bay in style.

Oceanvolt’s innovative technologies to harvest energy from the sun, wind and water is a big boost for the boating experience - and the environment. Setting an example for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels on the water is a lifelong dream.

Quiet and renewable. We are ready. Thank you Oceanvolt!
Cheers to even more fun in 2022!" – Owner of Ramblin' Rose


There isn’t anything else like this Leopard 40 in Southern California. The Ramblin’ Rose is San Diego’s first solar-electric catamaran, showcasing Oceanvolt electric propulsion, Sunflare thin-flexible solar power, and hydro-generation of the lithium battery packs while sailing. Offered for charter through Seaforth Boat Rental by Sunwater Marine, you can now experience the latest in clean and green marine technologies, while quietly motor-sailing in complete comfort.

The Leopard 40, a product of South African boat builders Robertson & Caine, features a unique, modern design with an innovative interior layout. Her galley is located forward and the forward-facing settee allows for a panoramic view with large sliding glass doors between the saloon and the aft cockpit. This arrangement promotes easy communication for guests and an open flow between the saloon and the aft cockpit, creating a fusion of indoor and outdoor living space. The vessel’s diesel engines are still available for backup propulsion (and side by side comparison to the electric propulsion), so you can sail off to the sunset in total confidence, without ever worrying about getting home safely.


Technology used in Leopard 40 "Ramblin' Rose"


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