RM Yachts RM 1180

RM Yachts RM 1180

The RM Yachts RM 1180 is a versatile sailing boat for travel, offering style and speed for trips both short and long, whether you're sailing alone or with family.

This boat is 12 meters long and represents the best of transatlantic cruising sailboats. It has a modern design, great performance, and is very comfortable to live on, making it a top choice for luxury sailing. It's also environmentally friendly, thanks to its special construction and electric motor system.

Made with lightweight materials like carbon and epoxy, the RM1180 is fast and agile, perfect for leisurely cruises. Whether you're exploring nearby coastlines or venturing across oceans, the RM1180 is a standout choice for sailing enthusiasts everywhere.

Technology used in the electric RM Yachts RM 1180 sailboat:


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