Simpson 13.7M – SV Eternity

Simpson 13.7M – SV Eternity

"Getting rid of the diesel on our boat to avoid the fumes, exhaust, noise, heat, vibration, maintenance, weight, and general complexity of the engines that came with our catamaran was important to us because my wife has sensitivities to oils and exhaust. Plus we want to be self-sufficient as we travel and not always dependent on finding diesel and oil supplies. We drive electric at home so going electric on our boat was the obvious choice. Researching the options drew us to OceanVolt with their ServoProps and we loved what we found. Especially the regeneration ability.

We spent last summer getting the old engines and all the complexity out and then getting the motors and sail drives mounted. As we finish up the controls and charging system, we are excitedly looking forward to taking her out in the spring and enjoying the clean peace and quiet of our beautiful electric system. We would much rather hear the water and waves than listen to an engine. It all just makes sense to us." – John & Elaine, owners of SV Eternity

SV Eternity is a 1997 custom built Simpson 13.7M catamaran. It is cedar wood core overlayed with epoxy fiberglass.

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Technology used in the electric Simpson 13.7M catamaran:

  • Length overall: 13.72 m
  • Boat beam: 7.32 m
  • Displacement: 8600 kg
  • Electric motor system: 2 x Oceanvolt ServoProp 10 saildrive motor
  • Electric motor system nominal power: 2 x 10kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 V
  • Propulsion batteries: 2 x 15.2 kWh Lithium battery bank

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