Cutting edge technology and latest market trends

Cutting edge technology and latest market trends

On one side, hydrogen fuel cell technology is getting a renewed boost in attention as the world looks for the latest technology when it comes to energy. On the other side, there is a rising popularity of larger, sailing multihulls, like the Rapido 50XS, Vaan Yachts, McConaghy MC55, and so many others. Naturally, it makes a perfect match.

Whilst diesel engines are getting cleaner and more efficient, and it is still a very efficient way to store energy, quite clearly there is a rapidly rising demand for alternative solutions. Therefore, larger multihulls are the perfect choice for owners who want an eco-friendly, comfortable and fast yacht that can be loaded with the latest cutting edge technology.

Fortunately, Oceanvolt has been at the cutting edge of electric propulsion and hydrogeneration technology for years. It is in their DNA. There have also been multiple recent announcements from Oceanvolt that harmonize with the current market trends. This can be divided into three main categories:

  1. Groundbreaking regeneration with the all new HighPower ServoProp 25
  2. Updated AXC shaft drive motors with the torque required for heavier boats
  3. Partnering Oceanvolt with hydrogen fuel cell technology


HighPower ServoProp 25 and Regeneration

Oceanvolt HighPower ServoProp 25 system.

This spring, Oceanvolt officially released the news and started taking orders for their all new HighPower ServoProp 25 motor system. Redesigned from the ground up, this 48 V propulsion unit provides heavier boats access to their patented ServoProp technology, allowing them to experience the incredible regeneration capacity that far exceeds anything else on the market.

The original ServoProp from Oceanvolt is available in 10 kW and 15 kW variants, and won numerous awards for its design and regeneration potential. When sailing at 10 knots, customers can see approximately 3 kW of power being generated virtually free of charge. Ideal for yachts between 30-50 ft, for many years this motor has been the frontrunner in hydrogeneration. 

Now, yachts up to 80 ft+, specifically heavier multihulls, can take advantage of the ServoProp system with up to 30 kW of peak propulsion power now possible from the HighPower ServoProp 25. Now, at the same 10 knot boat speed, you can expect approximately 5 kW of power to be generated, with future software updates set to unlock even more potential from this innovative unit. 

Read more about the HighPower ServoProp 25 here.



AXC Shaft Drive Motors

Oceanvolt has redesigned their AXC shaft drive motor series, to cleverly increase the power and torque, without changing the physical dimensions. This iconic modular motor system has been a customer favorite even in it’s previous iteration. Originally, each motor module would produce 10 kW, and up to four motor modules could be “stacked” together, allowing this versatile system to be delivered as AXC10, AXC20, AXC30 and AXC40 configurations.

Now that it has been upgraded, each motor module can now produce 12 kW continuous power, and 15 kW peak power. Due to this significant increase, the new AXC motor can be stacked together three times to achieve 36 kW continuous power and with it, a huge amount of torque. 

The profile of the torque curve has also been modified, such that the motor system delivers torque in a much smoother fashion, making it even more ideal for larger, heavier yachts and multihulls. 

Whilst not as efficient as ServoProp in regeneration, all Oceanvolt motors are equipped with the regeneration function as standard, and it is not uncommon to see customers with AXC motors generating multiple kilowatts of power.

Read more about AXC shaft drive electric motors here.



Hydrogen fuel cells and Oceanvolt electric propulsion

Oceanvolt recently announced a partnership with OceansLab racing team, in their bid for the 2024-2025 Vendee Globe. This partnership is a major step forward as the Oceanvolt propulsion system will be partnered with hydrogen fuel cell technology onboard. 

This is an incredible opportunity for all involved as it will provide valuable data, experience and understandings, putting Oceanvolt ahead of the rest in synergising with hydrogen fuel cell technology and making it available as a turn-key solution for the wider yachting community   

Read more about this collaboration here.

So if you are looking at purchasing a new yacht or upgrading your existing one, why not consider converting to electric propulsion. It is not the future, it is the present reality. Contact Oceanvolt today!

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