Elwood 550e HT

Elwood 550e HT

Around a year ago I started the Elwood project from scratch, with just a vision and desire of a wooden classic electric boat in my mind. From the very beginning I decided to cooperate with Oceanvolt to equip my beautiful unique handcrafted boats with state of the art electric powertrains.

Now after the first year of activity we have a beautiful, silent and fully functional prototype of our smallest model, Elwood 550e HT, which is a timeless designed hardtop boat with 5,5 m length overall and 1,5 m beam, equipped with Oceanvolt AX8 and 11,4 kWh battery bank.

During the entire project we have had a great help and partnership from Oceanvolt and we are happy to continue cooperation. We are really looking forward to build also the bigger Elwood models, 650e and 750e, equipped with Oceanvolt AXC series watercooled powertrain. – Pasi Virnes, CEO Elwood Boats

elwood 550 ht

Each Elwood boat is made to order and handcrafted in Kuopio, Finland.

Less energy, more nature and just the right pace. Electric power eliminates the distractions of traditional motor boating and the wooden frame invites nostalgic travel.

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Technology used in the electric Elwood 550e HT motorboat:

  • Boatbuilder: Elwood
  • Installation year: 2020
  • LOA: 5,5 m
  • Boat beam: 1,5 m
  • Displacement: 740 kg
  • Electric motor system: Oceanvolt AX8
  • Electric motor system nominal power: 8,2kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 V
  • Batteries: 11,4 kWh lithium-ion battery pack
  • Average range and operation time:
    • 5 knots 40 NM (74 km) 8 h
    • 7 knots 25 NM (46 km) 3,5 h
    • 10 knots 13 NM (24 km) 1 h 20 min

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