“I was a pioneer with electric sailing, commissioning the first Alerion Yacht with an electric auxiliary in 2009. When that original system failed unexpectedly and I needed a quick solution to salvage a championship sail racing season, I turned to Oceanvolt. When I was ready for a second electric yacht, and a big step up in capability and sophistication, I turned to Spirit Yachts of the UK. I immediately referred them to Oceanvolt to be supplier of the new ServoProp system for a yacht I hope will demonstrate frequent if not full energy self-sufficiency. The ServoProp system is the only option today for such a yacht, and I have been pleased with it performance in our initial sea trials in England." – Owner of the Spirit Yachts 44CR(e)

Fully electric with solar panels and no hydrocarbons onboard, the Spirit 44CR (e) is at the forefront of sustainability in sailing. Based on the Spirit cruiser racer design, the 44CR (e) was commissioned for an eco-conscious customer who set Spirit Yachts the goal of “near total energy self-sufficiency”. The ‘e’ denotes the yacht’s electric drive system.

From afar, the 13.4m Spirit 44CR(e) will look like any other Spirit sailing yacht. Low freeboards, long overhangs, flush decks and the timeless beauty of quality wooden craftsmanship. Up close, she will display signs of the sailing yachts of the future.

Spirit Yachts managing director Nigel Stuart commented, “The lightweight electric drive system uses hydro generation via the propeller to regenerate the batteries whilst sailing. Regeneration depends on sailing speed, but it is realistic to see 1.5kW under sail. The equivalent energy generated would be boiling a kettle, which is one of the highest power consuming appliances you would find on a yacht, or in your home for that matter. Weather dependent, the solar deck panels on the deck and the mainsail can regenerate a combined total of 1.47kW.”


The three panels on each side of the main sail have the capacity to regenerate a total of 560watts (1,120watts total for both sides of the sail), and each aft deck solar panel can regenerate 175watts (350watts total).

Two Solbian solar panels are integrated into the aft Lignia Yacht deck and colour match the hull so they blend with the style of the yacht. The panels charge Oceanvolt 48VDC batteries (total capacity 30.4kWh, made up of 16 x 1.9kWh batteries), which power her Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 sail drive. The lightweight electric drive system (weighing 65kgs) uses hydro generation via the propeller to regenerate the batteries whilst sailing.

Technology used in the electric Spirit 44CR(e):

  • Boatbuilder: Spirit Yachts
  • Installation year: 2020
  • LOA: 13.40m
  • Boat beam: 3.3m
  • Draft: 2.3m
  • Boat weight: 6000kg
  • Electric motor system: Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 saildrive motor
  • Electric motor system nominal power: 15kW
  • Electric motor system voltage: 48 V
  • Batteries: 30.4kWh lithium battery pack


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