Electric propulsion and data capture to aid ocean clean-up operations have become a top priority for today’s marine environment. Sail Electric are experts in marine renewable energy, electric propulsion and advanced monitoring systems, with a goal to establish access to a sustainable future for boaters. As agents for world-renowned Oceanvolt’s range of innovative electric propulsion solutions, Sail Electric have provided one such system to the renowned Turner Twins for their latest intrepid adventure. Sailing an entire lap of the North Atlantic, followed by circumnavigation of the UK, they are aiming to do so with a total of zero emissions on a journey of discovery.

Hailing from Dartmoor, twin brothers and professional adventurers Ross and Hugo Turner will be setting off on the trip of a lifetime come Wednesday 29th June 2022. Departing on their Class 40 from the UK, via the Canary Islands and the Azores archipelago, they will sail to the most remote point in the Atlantic, the Pole of Inaccessibility. Hugo and Ross’s 12m preloved sailing yacht, sourced from a US based sailing charity, has been refitted with an impressive range of sustainable technology by Sail Electric to ensure the absolute minimal environmental impact from their voyage and at zero emission. Equipped with a 10kW Oceanvolt sail drive with capacity to regenerate under sail, supporting a 230Vac onboard microgrid for boiling water, cooking on induction and combined with a number of deck-mounted, flexible solar modules to mention just a few, they are well-prepared in this extraordinary mission to raise environmental awareness and showcase eco-friendly tech to truly leave no trace at sea.

Hugo commented, “It's great to be working with a passionate business which has sustainability and a pioneering spirit at its centre and who are wanting to promote the use of electric propulsion. They have managed the whole process which has been pivotal in this project's departure. It's the one stop shop for electric propulsion.”

Thanks to the Oceanvolt motor supplied and installed by Sail Electric, the hydro generation or “creating energy while sailing” function is an automatic feature delivering maximum efficiency, silence and zero drag. But this is just the first step in an ongoing relationship. The Remote Service Interface (RSI) in place will enable monitoring of all connected Oceanvolt systems in real-time, meaning Sail Electric will be tracking data and feedback in order to adjust performance to provide optimum functionality, and will be working closely with them when they return to the UK, supporting their Hydrogen Tour.




Sail Electric

Sail Electric provides leisure and commercial owners and operators with a bespoke vessel modernisation service. Leaders in research and development for over a decade, they work alongside world-class partners. With their knowledge and experience, clients can make informed choices and Sail Electric can account for thousands of miles sailed without the need for diesel.



Founded in 2004, Oceanvolt is a leading manufacturer of electric and hybrid propulsion systems for boats. Oceanvolt offers state-of-the-art electric motors that combine sustainability, safety and reliability.

Oceanvolt’s electric propulsion systems are suitable for use in sailboats, motorboats, harbour ferries and other small and medium-sized commercial boats. With built-in software, Oceanvolt systems can be monitored and serviced in real time via the Internet


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