YYachts Y9

YYachts Y9

German sailing yacht builders YYachts have delivered the first unit in its Y9 sailing yacht series. The yard's new 30m flagship Bella features design and naval architecture by Bill Tripp while the interior draws stylistic inspiration from the U.S. East Coast and mid-century Scandinavian influences.

YYachts abide by a single mantra - The simpler the boat, the purer the sailing experience, and the greater the pleasure. For this reason, their yachts are made to emphasize the essentials of sailing - easy handling, alone (if possible), anywhere in the world. The aim is really to use the best technology available to simplify and put the joy back into the hobby of sailing.

Bella features a hydrogeneration package from Oceanvolt capable of generating 1kW at 10knots of speed, as well as a hard top bimini which is noticeably covered by 14 square metres of solar panels and an extensive battery package. These features allow the boat to generate fossil fuel free energy both when sailing and moored.

With regards to the performance of the yacht, Bella is equipped with twin Volvo engines and its main sail alone is roughly 242 square metres, the total sail area totals over 1000 square metres. Reports have revealed that on the yacht's maiden voyage, from Greifswald to Cannes, speeds of up 26 knots have already been clocked. Bella completed the journey from The Baltic Sea to The Mediterranean in less than 11 days.

Technology used in the YYachts Y9 sailboat :

  • LOA: 29.71 m
  • Boat beam: 6.8 m
  • Displacement: 55 000 kg
  • Hydrogenerator: Oceanvolt ServoProp 15 (capable of generating 1kW at 10knots of speed)


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