"Roska-Roope" is a trash collector boat built by Pidä Saaristo Siistinä Ry in Rauma. It is a 50 year anniversary gift for all the waterways in Finland and its users. The idea of the boat is to create awareness about protecting the oceans from trash and pollutions.

Oceanvolt AX3 motors

● Two electric motors that are produced in Finland
● Maximum continuous output 3,7 kW / motor
● In operating speed, the output is approx. 550-800 W / motor

Oceanvolt 48V NMC lithium batteries

● 1,9 kWh / module
● The vessel is fitted with six modules
● The battery pack has a combined capacity of 11,4 kWh
● In operational speed the batteries have capacity for approx.. 7 hours
● From the Oceanvolt displays the user can see the RPM, used power, the state of charge and the estimated battery capacity in terms of hours
● The vessel has a 2 kW charger that charges the batteries full in 6 hours
● The charger works also as a inverter, which means that vessel can also suplly 230V AC on board.
● The vessel has six powerful solar panels on the roof, which means that on a sunny day the panels can receive 2 kW of solar energy. This means that the vessel can operate only with the power that comes from the solar panels.

The Oceanvolt system installed in Roska-Roope

Remote Access

● The vessel has a Oceanvolt system monitor, which shows all the components and the effect of the solar panels in real time.
● The information on the system monitor can be shared live online anywhere around the world to a computer, tablet or to a smartphone
● With the same connection it is possible to service and to repair the system remotely from the Oceanvolt HQ.

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Alec von Weissenberg
Sales Manager Norther Europe & Poland

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