Electric & Hybrid propulsion for Workboats

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Green transportation: legislation and environmental awareness aim to significantly drive down CO2 emissions.

Investments made into electric or hybrid propulsion result in a fast ROI and lower operational costs significantly.


Electric propulsion provides a clear advantage compared to fossil fuel engines in e.g. low noise emissions, reliability, high torque & fast responsiveness.


Operating an electric propulsion technology based boat in a professional workboat or transportation environment is significantly more cost efficient than using fossil fuels, mainly due to near zero maintenance costs compared to a diesel engine but also due to lower fuel costs.

As the world leader in yacht and catamaran electric and hybrid propulsion solutions, Oceanvolt has a unique position to help customers in the professional marine segment to capture the advantages of this new disruptive technology. We already have hundreds of boats in the water with both hybrid and pure electric solutions deployed.

As the cost comparison below shows, the switch from diesel to hybrid can be justified numbers alone. As you can see from the facts, this is actually heavily biased against the hybrid solution because the generator has to run so much. If the comparison would be a pure electric solution – for e.g. a small ferry in a urban environment – the numbers would be very different.


comparison diesel electric hybrid workboats oceanvolt

This real-world example is based on the following numbers:

  • The diesel engine uses 10l of fuel per hour, 14 hours a day at 1,00€/l
  • The diesel engine requires maintenance every 200 hours costing a total of 750€
  • The distances motored are so long, that the genset has to run 9 hours a day
  • The genset uses 6l/hour of diesel
  • The genset needs maintenance every 200 hours, costing a total of 750€

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your specific problem and we’ll work with you to see what the break even point would be.




We are able to provide real world, tried and tested solutions that are off the shelf.

Our engineering and design departments will be able to help you in the planning phase of your project to ensure all of your requirements are captured into the delivery.

When we move into delivery, our team can either help you with the installation if this is just a one off or do a whole training program for your yard if you are looking at serial production.

We are able to provide our customers full 24/7 global management and monitoring alongside the standard warranty.



We are able to provide our customers full 24/7 global management, service and monitoring, called RSI alongside a standard two-year warranty. The principle is the same as the service Rolls Royce provides with aircraft turbines for airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Each component of the Oceanvolt electric or hybrid solution is connected via industry standard Controller Area Network (CAN) bus, enabling devices to talk to each other and to Oceanvolt’s HQ securely via Internet and monitored real-time. Besides monitoring, Oceanvolt engineers are able to solve about 90 % of faults remotely by accessing components directly. Hence, Oceanvolt RSI brings Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to marine propulsion.

Several of Oceanvolt’s customers who run charter businesses see RSI as a key competitive advantage; interruptions to business from propulsion related problems are significantly lower and can be solved faster than when using diesel engines where RSI is not available.

Some of our customers

Our systems have been installed in several professional workboats & charter boats. Please see the cases below:

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